Referenties Yoga

“Sija geeft op een relaxte en ontspannen manier yoga. Ze heeft aandacht voor alle deelnemers en geeft tijdens de les veel opties voor de beginnende en gevorderde deelnemers. De dansyoga is een leuke aanvulling voor mensen die hun yogamoves lekker op muziek willen uitvoeren. Kortom, een aanrader!” Karlijn
“Een yogales bij Sija is ​
geen les onvoorbereid…​
geen les hetzelfde…​
geen les ongemotiveerd…..​
yoga zoals yoga behoort te zijn!​
LEUK en een heel goed alternatief voor de bezoekjes aan de fysiotherapeut!” Janny uit Meppel
„As a scientist, businessman and rational thinker, dance therapy was something strange for me in the beginning. Anyway, I gave it a try and I was feeling very comfortable during the sessions with Sija. It was fun and very relaxing. I have to say, that I really enjoyed this new experience.” Daniel
 “Sija’s dance yoga class was absolutely wonderful! It’s very rare I find a class that I feel so connected with. So finding this unique class was refreshing! Sija was so graceful with her dance flow and really made you want to learn! She made the class so beautiful, peaceful and most importantly fun. I hope I can find a dance yoga class when I return home so I can continue my practice. Thank you Sija!” Taylor
“Taking a Yoga Essence Session with Sija was a huge turning point for me in my spiritual development. Sija gently guides you to explore the connection between your physical and spiritual self, creating a safe space to open up and go inwards. Using a series of movement pathways, Sija helps you to let go of your mind and listen to yourself. Thank you Sija, I am forever grateful.”  Jennifer
“Sija leads very fun and dynamic yoga classes. As a beginner, I appreciated the way she integrated me into the session and I loved her attention for detail. She is also contagiously cheerful and her commentary throughout the practices is insightful and moving. I can’t wait for my next class with her.” Bryan